California's 32nd Congressional District

I have in-depth communication, with natural leadership qualities. I possess a natural ability to handle complex problems with a professional leadership to manage result-oriented tasks that need urgent solutions. I keep myself updated with political activities and remain in close connection with the voters in my district. I am a people’s person and a caring humanitarian.  I take ethical  behavior as personal and belong to a family of givers.

am very well known in my district for many years, doing charities, toy drives, mentoring students, serving food to the homeless, supporting schools, fostering harmony, support first responders and support building bridges between LAPD and the community. I am running for Congress to address worsening living conditions, price gouging, growing homelessness, no new jobs, no affordable housing, burdensome student debt, and Santa Susana nuclear contamination remains a threat to the residence. Prices of basic items have gone up as people struggle to support their families, I will urgently set up price control committees to fix that and offer accountability. Students are our future and debt free students will raise a debt free nation. Relief for affordable housing, taxation, free healthcare, immigration, public safety, environment, foreign policy among other issues needs urgent attention. I have the capability to bring relief. I will set a far better future for our children, lead towards advancement and be your champion for justice.